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This site contains information about a ½-day course called “Excel Secrets for Busy People”. The course comprises a live seminar where up to 99 practical Tips and Techniques are presented.

The course was developed by Geoff Vautier (a Financial Controller) and focuses on ideas that he has found particularly useful in a work setting. The ideas range from the simple to the moderately hard, but no matter what their skill levels, everybody will go away with good ideas. Attendees come from all backgrounds: CEO’s, Accountants, Admin, Sales, self-employed. More than 4,500 people have attended the live events. The course has been presented widely in New Zealand and Australia, at a range of events: conferences, In-house events, public events. The course is now available on DVD, being a video of a live event. The course is available in three formats. There is a separate page for each of them:

Why select this particular training course?

There are three important reasons to select this course.

Firstly, what sets "99 Secrets for Busy People" apart is a whole range of tips and techniques that are useful for day-to-day users of Excel. The course has been prepared by a Financial Controller with over 25 years’ experience as a spreadsheet user, so it has a very practical focus.

Secondly, it has been designed to be presented in a group setting. The interactive nature of the event creates discussion, breaks down barriers between staff, and generally challenges members to achieve higher.

Thirdly, it cuts across the arbitrary boundaries of beginner, intermediate and advanced to present material that is useful on a daily basis.

Some things learnt in Beginner courses will never be used practically, yet there are often things in the Advanced course that are useful even to regular users, but they never get a chance to learn.

Please feel free to review the material.

Any questions, please send an email geoff@excel-tips.com or ring on ++64 212 459014

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